Evolutionary Marketing Kick-Start for B2B

90 Days to Revitalize Your B2B Marketing Strategy Based on an Evolutionary Approach

Are you a B2B Tech, SaaS, AI, or B2B eCommerce company that has stagnating revenue? 

Join this program to learn the 5 Key Steps to Revitalize Your Marketing Strategy and Transform Your Business.

Based on the science of evolution we will (1) Audit Your Current Strategy, (2) Ensure Your Vision, Mission and Brand is Evolutionary, (3) Develop a Maximum Strategy for Growth, (4) a Minimum Strategy for Long-Term Success and (5) Establish a Performance Structure that Allows for Adaptive and Evolving over the long term.

Evolutionary Marketing for Revitalizing Stagnant B2B Revenues

  1. Introduction to Evolutionary Marketing
  2. Audit of Current Strategy Based on the Science of Evolution
  3. Establish Evolutionary Vision, Mission, Corporate and Branding
  4. Develop a Maximum Strategy for Growth Including Comprehensive Marketing Plan to Meet Revenue Goals
  5. Develop a Minimal Strategy for Ensuring Longterm Success
  6. Set up Tracking, Reporting and Optimizing Structure to Ensure Most Optimal Ability to Adapt and Evolve to Continue Meeting Revenue Goals
  7. Additional Resources Including Tutorials on Using Latest AI Tools

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